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Photography for FUN! (It's not just a job)

Not only has photography been about my clients but it's always been something I've enjoyed, for me, for me to get out there or photograph my other hobbies and really just enjoy my camera and my craft for my own wellbeing.

Photographing weddings, businesses and meeting other people is so much fun, but I'm sure we all have been at a place where you just need some time to yourself. I've always loved photography and I've never wanted to turn it into a chore and I know for some creatives, a business can sometimes do that to a hobby. I'm lucky... It certainly keeps my creative juices flowing.


I don't typically get paid to do landscape photography and I don't really sell my work, maybe i should? But I do like to show if off, I've got these as prints in my own home from holidays camping and hiking...

I think i'm quite lucky in that being a freelance photographer not only do I get different jobs all the time It means that I'm experiencing different things, learning about all types of people and businesses and using different techniques.


But I also shoot tiny things, a recent hobby of mine is Warhammer and seeing the citadel miniatures come to life was great fun from building to painting and now... photographing. Studio work is great fun and using loads of techniques that'd i've always wanted to play around with studio work is MY playground! Check out some of my photos and my set up below.

So that's it, I just wanted to have a little chat and talk about how Photography is a true passion, a job and a hobby!

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