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A Simplistic and Natural approach to wedding photography

If you've made it here then congratulations on your engagement! Wedding photography is something that is so personal and so important for your wedding so you've come to the right place! 

I'm Nathan and I'm a wedding photographer that is all about YOU. It's your wedding day so all my packages are adaptable to suit your wedding needs and suit the type of couple you are. 

My passion is photography, I love weddings too! So, with beautiful quality images, I capture your day just as it happens. I don't spend hours posing you in uncomfortable positions, so all the photos you see below are natural moments frozen in an image, quickly done but perfectly executed.


Time goes SO FAST on your wedding day so lets not take HOURS posing and setting up something that, let's be honest, isn't real. 

I'll repeat this because it's so important... It's YOUR wedding day, so work with me and you'll get a relaxed photographer, with stunning documentary candid style with the ability to turn a walk around your venue into a photoshoot in itself.

Blurry Drops
Sunset wedding at Tutbury Castle. Couple in wedding attire standing on a hill

Dream Wedding Package

Get the VIP Treatment from Start to Finish on your wedding day!

for Just £1600

  • Free Engagement Shoot

  • 2nd Photographer All day

  • 12 Hours of Photography

  • Around 450 Colour Photos

  • Around 450 Black and White Photos

  • Smoke Flares available

  • Red Carpet Entrance for your guests!

  • Evening Photobooth with 2nd Photographer shooting for your guest to get that hollywood feel with backdrop and props provided.

  • Online Gallery

  • Memory stick

  • Prints and a special memory box

Go Platinum and Let me treat you like a celebrity on your wedding day! 2 photographers, double the photos and a photobooth/area to get your guests living it up, styling it out and showing off their outfits. Of course you get the first go too! With photos of your guests, entertainment, and my focus is all on you too! It'll be a show-stopper of a wedding gallery! You and your guests will be using these photos for profile pictures and linked in for years to come.

Cloud filled sky Wedding at Ramsdale Golf Club. Couple in wedding attire walking together with green hills in the background

The Whole Picture Package

From £950

  • Free Engagement Shoot

  • ALL DAY from prep to late night antics (typically 10 - 12 hours)

  • Around 400 Colour Photos

  • Around 400 Black and White Photos

  • Online Gallery

  • Memory card

  • Prints and a special memory box

From hair & make up preparations to the late night (and probably somewhat embarrassing) dancing. Being there from start to finish is a great way for me to show the roller coaster of a day with the nerves and excitement to the tears of joy and the howls of laughter. This package is hugely popular because you don't want to miss a thing! 

The Big Picture Package

From £800

  • Free Engagement Shoot

  • Prep - Ceremony & Group shots or Ceremony & Groups shots to First Dance

  • Around 250 Colour Photos

  • Around 250 Black and White Photos

  • Online Gallery and/or Memory card

From Ceremony to the late night antics lets get those moments captured. Or from the morning nerves to the post ceremony group shots. A popular package to make sure that the nerves of waiting for the significant other and the joys and laughter into the night are remembered forever.

Gay Couple kissing in wedding attire at Goosedale under a pergola.
Bride in wedding dress looking out of a window with the sun shining over

The I DO Package

From £500

  • Free Engagement Shoot

  • Ceremony Coverage & Group Shots

  • Around 250 Colour Photos

  • Around 250 Black and White Photos

  • Online Gallery and/or Memory card

From Ceremony to the late night antics lets get those moments captured. Or from the morning nerves to the post ceremony group shots. A popular package to make sure that the nerves of waiting for the significant other and the joys and laughter into the night are remembered forever.

Videography With Memory Box Media

Half day (From £1750)

Full day (From £2499)

(The Big Picture Package for Half day or The Whole Picture for Full Day)

Why not rekindle those special moments and keep them alive with timeless videography as well as photography.


We work side by side to ensure that together we never miss a shot or get in each others way!


Why go through the stress booking two separate companies, when we work perfectly as one!

Photo & Film Package

Wedding Gallery


Kieron and Michael 
Married in November of 2023 they both worked so hard on creating the perfect wedding for them. From a spreadsheet to an engagement shoot and another couple of meetings to make sure we're all ready for the day, they pulled out all of the stops. 
Getting Ready Venue: Colwick Hall
Ceremony: West Bridgford Methodist Church
Reception Venue: Goosedale
Photographer: ME! 


A massive thank you Nathan’s for all your hard work and amazing support on the day. We love all our photos, you captured so many special memories. Absolutely stunning images. But there was so much more Nathan helped with on the day. The day is overwhelming in so many amazing ways. Nathan was fantastic at being able to step in and help us, giving us, time for just us. Might have only been five minutes here or there but it gave us some special moments that we will never forget.


Frequently Asked Questions


What is a good photo list?

A good photo template can be hard to find. I recommend doing it in this order with these relatives but it's up to you if you want to add in aunts, uncles or any one YOU want, it is your day after all. I always ask if there are any relatives no longer with us or any relatives that don't get on so we can keep it as easy going on the day and not upsetting anyone!

Usually photos will go in this order:

  • Whole Group Photo

Move friends to go and get drinks etc.

  • Both Families

Partner 2's family wait to one side and Partner 2's family come in for the below...


Partner 1 and Partner 2 with:

  • Whole Family

  • Mum, Dad, Grandparents

  • Grandparents

  • Mum & Dad

  • Mum

  • Dad

  • Siblings

  • Bridesmaids/Groomsmen/Ushers etc.

Then Partner 2 would step away throughout the above and we'd get the Partner 1 on their own with:

  • Mum

  • Dad

  • Siblings

  • Grandparents

and then we'd swap and do the same for the Partner 2.

What if the packages aren't for me?

My photo packages are there as a standard setting as such. If you want something a little more, a little less or even completely different. We'll go bespoke and make a package that suits your wedding needs. It is your wedding after all so it's my job to give you the best I can with the best price included. 

What if it rains?!

Unfortunately, I can't control the weather... But there is a lot of prep that goes in to your wedding from my side. This is what I do:

  • Become a weather man - i check the weather DAILY!

  • I bring kit to allow for my camera to stay dry 

  • I bring a couple of umbrella's (although venues typically have this too for the couples

  • I speak to the venue about contingencies - ceremony hall to get the group shot or areas recommended or used typically for photos.

  • I bring lighting to get the backlit rain shot IF you're up for it!

What if something goes wrong?

If something goes wrong, we'll make it work. It's my job, your groomsmen/bridesmaids, wedding organiser and venues job to keep things running smoothly and keep you both away from any issues or to keep you at ease if anything goes a little wrong. 

Sometimes the music skips, the tech doesn't work, a mic breaks or someone knocks something over... I'll keep you away or out the way as much as I can so your day is as relaxed as possible.

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Nottingham, East Midlands and Surrounding Areas 


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