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LGBTQ+ History Month As A Photographer

Updated: Feb 17

Who inspired me to be a Queer Artist/Photographer?

Firstly, no one... and that's mainly because LGBTQ+ Artists weren't talked about in schools, online or anywhere all that often when I was in school (early 2000s) I didn't grow up in negative suroundings around gay men or the community, it wasn't a taboo subject but it also wasnt celebrated the same. I was lucky to come out at 17 and, to be honest, no one really cared... they just let me be me.

Right now, I'm not a Queer Artist. I'm gay, I'm a photographer. I have focused on making photography my career and left little time for projects.

Typically though, I've inspired myself, or the events I've been exposed to have inspired me. The older and deeper into my craft of photography I go, the more inclined I become to create art out of photography.

What Have I Found?

Someone that has stood out is Adam Rolston with his humour and not-so-subtle use of language in his art.

Adam Rolston

I Am Out Therefore I Am, 1989


'Trojan Boxes' (1991) by Adam Rolston, riff on Andy Warhol's Brillo Boxes.

I have quite the sense of humour at times and Adams work did just make me laugh a little. Honestly, I'm not going to try and write about it, loads of people have done that already so go and explore! But I definitely found some spark in doing this research and finding Adams work.

What's next?

Writing this and taking some time out to learn some more specific LGBTQ+ history really has made me want to keep going and keep learning. Even with my art, whatever comes from this, I want it to be true to myself.

Share your favourite queer Artists with me? Help me on my path of learning about lgbt influence etc. Comment and share!

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