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Headshot Photography; It's all about the experience

Ok, So your profile photo isn't quite the quality you want or it's an old image?

You've come to the right place especially if you're after a headshot photographer who makes the session about you and about you being comfortable.

Whether you're looking for your Actor Headshot, Business Headshot, New Profile Photos for socials or your whole team need a pick me up then I've got you covered.

It's my goal and my job to make you comfortable in front of the camera but also to come away loving the photos AND feeling good! It's all about the experience.

Let's have a chat, I'll make it as easy as possible, so sit back, relax and say cheese! (I don't actually ask you to say cheese!)


Headshot Photography for you

The Who's What's When's and Hows.


 Sessions Types

From solo sessions to medium and big groups all for businesses or personal reasons for needing headshots. Whether you're an actor or a solicitor, a new business owner or just want to freshen up your look a headshot session is great for you and to help build your confidence.


How it Works

We'll have a chat, we'll get to know each other and we'll get comfortable. With a no pressure environment, I'll keep it fun, relaxed and quick! I won't stand you in front of a camera for 5 hours terrified. I don't like having my photo taken, so I know how it feels. I aim to help you feel good, look good and feel confident. 


Range of Backgrounds / Styles

White backdrops, black backdrops or a natural surrounding background... whatever the vibe you want to give off I'll make it work! The background changes the way you're seen and honestly, relaxed backgrounds and natural are becoming a big thing! So stay up to date and stay relevant with your headshot.


Number of Photos

How many photos do you get? Well, however many good ones I take. They're for you, you've paid for the session, so you'll get the sessions worth of edited photos. This can range anywhere from 3 - 10 for  your solo sessions or 2 - 5 per person for medium groups to 1 - 3 per person for big groups. 

Different Headshot Styles

Get in Touch

Nottingham, East Midlands and Surrounding Areas | 07501893506 (Text or whatsapp)

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