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About Me.

Dog lover, Allotment owner and a guy who likes to find hobbies where ever he goes. I'm Nathan and I'm a photographer but I also have a life when I'm not working.

Wedding photography must have given me the bug because I am engaged (but not in a rush for the wedding, I'm too busy photographing them!). I spend a lot of my time working an admin manager role but Photography is what I love. When the weather is... bearable, I'll be at the allotment like a little old man. If the weather is not so great, I'm more likely to be gaming, crafting or just relaxing with my partner and our dog. 

I enjoy camping holidays when I get some real offline time and I'm starting to travel that little bit more but I don't get away too often (I do enjoy home comforts). I'm not a complete shut in though, I spend time socialising and having new experiences whether it food or a huge zipline in wales.

If you want to know a little bit more about my background, take a read below, but I hope you've enjoyed getting to know me, and don't forget to get a meeting in with me to discuss all things photography!

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My Background

Nathan O'Brien Headshot photograph in black and white in a serious pose

Photography always being a passion and a hobby was great but something had to pay the bills. After a stint at university studying photography I took a leap into the world of work not knowing what I wanted to do. I landed in Administration. I settled into Adminstration and Management roles in the NHS for around 7 Years. 3 years with Gastroenterology, 1 year in General Surgery and 3 more years in Paediatrics/Family Health.

After such a long stint in the NHS I moved into the more corporate world of TfL. However, at the same time this business has gained more ground and I've covered a lot of different events, businesses and my next goal is to get to being full time. Seeing my business grow really makes me understand what people go through and what business owners go through. And that's where I come in a bit more, I want to help.

If it helps, I don't like having my photograph taking so I know how scary it can be. But, even I put on a brave face when I have my photograph taken. I've learned to understand the true importance of what my skills impact whether it a wedding or a business, I've seen the reactions when photographs are received and I know, I've helped create memories, or I've helped a business take a leap forward.

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