Wedding & Engagement

Your Wedding & Engagement

It doesn't matter how long you book me for, I will give you the best service I possibly can. I want to make sure that we're all ready for the big day and so for every wedding I will:

  • Meet you as often/regularly as you want!

  • Email you updates on a regular basis

  • Visit your venue(s) throughout the year 

  • Offer an engagement shoot

  • Be there for rehearsals!

  • Meet the week of the wedding

  • Assist with setting up venue(s) and photograph your decorations etc.

I find all of the above is really important in the build up to any wedding. If you feel there is something more you would like from me just let me know, It can be arranged.

I love taking candid photographs for weddings but if you want posed shots I will happily do these for you too. Usually, I'll offer to take you away from the wedding for about 20 minutes to take some fun photographs and give you (the couple) a minute to yourselves to embrace your new beginning.

How Much? I hear you ask - get in touch to find out! Pricing is dependent on Length of day + any extras. 

eg. 10 hour day + edited digital photos + presentation box = £850

The Extra Bits;

If you want more than what I offer above, something exciting and fun, then take a look here:

Professional Shoot

  • A studio based photoshoot for the couple pre or post wedding in your wedding attire or otherwise to get those beautifully posed shots.


  • Run by me, I will set up an area in your reception venue with a backdrop and loads of fun props for your guests to enjoy and take silly photos! All these images will be added to your package above. This will run after your first dance (or when we agree a finish time) and end late into the night.

Photo Album

  • Standard photo albums of the whole selection of your photographs.

  • Handmade Scrapbook


Usually, these are named "Wreck-the-dress" events but... not all couples will be wearing dresses and so I'll leave that bit blank....

  • If you're unsure what to do with your wedding attire post wedding... why not have some fun? Paint fight, water pistol fight, the list goes on. Together we can arrange a set up to have one last bit of fun with your wedding attire

  • 200 photographs in colour and black and white.

Anything else?

If I haven't named something you want in any of the above... just get in touch. I am happy to make these packages as personal as possible. The pricing may change but I want to be as fair as possible and give you the best experience I possibly can with my photography.

Get in touch directly - OR Press the Chat Button Below for a quick chat and response.