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When you wish upon a Star; New Headshots

Out with the old...

Over the past couple of weeks I've had the pleasure of working with the stars of "When you wish upon a Star" and my oh my are they incredible people and they greeted me with so much kindness and laughter. We've come away not only as Photographer-client but also as friends. The work they do shines off of them for sure and what a beautiful charity it is.

But the reason new headshot are important, well... The team, based in Nottingham, wanted to show off their friendly faces in a professional but fun way and replace the old "phone and back against the wall" shot they had done and honestly, the difference is astounding.


Meet Paul!

Paul and I met through networking and it's thanks to Paul that I have gotten involved with the charity.

Paul wasn't a fan of having his photo taken and his confidence was quite low. A technique I like to use is to keep going, trying different poses, positions, loads of talking and asking random questions.

It's my Job to make you feel comfortable and I'll do everything I can (even be a bit of a weirdo) to make you smile, make you feel relaxed, and to give you that confidence through the means of photography.

Being able to turn what was a terrifying experience for some, into a joyful, smiley and confidence booster of a day was great. They all deserve to smile and laugh because the work they do is so incredibly important and hard. My Goal was to make them see the value in themselves and to capture their true outer beauty that matches their inner beauty.


Did I miss someone?

I did... I missed Wish Bear! Now, they couldn't visit as I'm sure Wish Bear was super super busy. But, I will be meeting Wish Bear for the first time in March when I come along to a charity event at a cinema. Keep an eye on my blog and socials for that one!

PS. Please, if you can, go and donate today!

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