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What makes a Headshot Photograph a Headshot?

I had the pleasure of being at TUCA yesterday to do their teams headshots.

But what is a headshot?

The actual definition is...

A photograph of a person's face or head and shoulders

So actually, both of the images are headshots...

Headshot photograph with a black backdrop

Male Model leaning in between a tree posing head on to the camera

Now... A photograph becomes a "portrait" when the subject along with the background, lighting and emotion creates a connection between you and the photograph.

But... which one would you use for your business? and yes, if you're a model it's a little different. So does that make the 2nd photograph a portrait or is it still a headshot?

Which you choose depends on the type of business you want to bring in, what you want to tell to your clients and whether you want to stand out from the crowd and change things up.

Catch you all again at my next post!

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