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Brand Photography; Why photo's are big engagement tool

Successful business owners use visual tools to help their brand stand out. Here are a few ways on-brand images can help grow your business. They may: 

  • Make your first impression great! An image can instantly set the tone and mood of who you are as a sole trader or business. Presenting new or potential clients with compelling photography that represents your brand helps form a great first impression.

  • Increase views on your content. Your marketing materials on distribution channels such as email, social media, and your blog can all benefit from imagery. Studies show that articles with images receive an average of 94% more views than articles without images.

  • Make your product more memorable. Images improve recall—viewers are more likely to remember your content when it’s accompanied by imagery. Original photography can help you develop a memorable visual identity for your company and increase brand awareness.

  • Build a personal brand. Start-up founders, small-business owners, and influencers can use personal brand photography—images that include the founder—to help build their own brands. This allows potential consumers to better understand the personal passion behind the company and build an emotional connection to the brand.

  • Show real-world applications of your product. Brand photographs are a way to show your product in real-world contexts and situations. They may entice potential customers to learn more about it or even to buy.

  • A Face to the Name. Having a faceless business for some potential clients can be nerve wrecking especially if your business or services are money related or you'll be entering peoples homes. Having a face on your business pages, images of you out and about on jobs creates a familiar face and someone who is trust worthy. When you video call or show up and you look like what you do online, you'll put the client at ease instantly.

But, I'm aware that photography can be a scary investment if you're new or starting out because of budgets. I always encourage people to budget for photography and maybe videography but the real world doesn't always allow it.

I do have some small packages to make photography readily available for ALL types of business with some starting prices and giving you and your business that kick it needs!

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