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Nathan O'Brien Photography: A Real Photography Business Blog

Updated: Jan 25

Welcome to My World

Wedding Photography, Business Photography, Event's Photography and MORE

Hi, Welcome to the first entry of my blog - A Real Photography Business Blog - and I hope you find what I have to say interesting and informative.

I've never blogged before so as it's my first I'll keep it short and sweet.

I wanted to welcome you into my world and what I get up to. You'll see from my menu pages I don't specialise in one area of photography. The reason... they're all the same but so different. My skills and ways I shoot carry across all genre's and so I want to be a photographer for your needs. Whether it's your wedding photographer or as your business photographer I want to create images you love.

And why do I really want to do them all... because I'm a photographer, It's what I love doing and I want to explore the world and see different people and businesses and events and capture all those amazing things for other people. And because I can.

Headshot Photography, Wedding Photographer, Business Photography, Event Photographer, Marketing and Media, Engagement, Photography Blog
Nathan O'Brien (ME!)

And so, From A Real Photography Business Blog

I hope to work with you along my journey but I also hope you enjoy getting to know me and I'm sure i'll enjoy getting to know you too!

Join in and book an online or in person chat with me and we can go from there!

And hey! You might just end up on my blog!!!

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